Interviews From History – Nobel Women: Rosalind Franklin

Kimberley Lim, an accomplished broadcast journalist, interviews the English experimental scientist Rosalind Franklin, exploring her life, discoveries and also the struggles she had to surmount.  

Rosalind was born in 1920 and is best known for an X-ray diffraction image that she and her student, Raymond Gosling, published in 1953 which was the key to the discovery of the DNA double helix.  But even this incredible finding was only a fraction of what she achieved in her short lifetime working across biology, chemistry and physics on research that mattered to society.

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Written by: Richard Hodder
Directed by: Laurel Parker
Produced by: John Paul Chapple
Language English
Release Date: 20 September 2021
Duration 41 minutes, 28 seconds
Encoding 48 kHz 256 Kbps CBR
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Interviews From History – Nobel Women

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