About Towton Audio ®

Towton Audio ® is a unique listening platform for epic historic full cast audio drama which we produce ourselves with our talented team of writers, actors, directors, producers, sound technicians and musicians.

The key word for us is ‘epic’ which sounds like the stories all have to be about wars and battles. Those are epic, of course, but so are confrontations in courtrooms, parliaments or even over meals. The word ‘epic’ is derived from a form of poetry in which a hero goes on a journey and encounters life-changing adventures on the way. This is what we are interested in - a story that is big, memorable and gripping with, in many cases, world changing consequences.

Another key word is ‘character’. Even more than visual (i.e. film, TV, theatre) drama, audio drama depends on characters. Bringing them to life is vital in telling these stories.

Essentially, Towton Audio makes dramatic historical fiction. This is not academic history, or storytelling through audio books, but the bringing to life of historical stories though dramatic means. This is not the depiction of forensically accurate or ascribable situations and dialogue. It is the dramatic interpretation of events. Think Hilary Mantel rather than Simon Schama. 

Our aim is to create an immersive experience which will go beyond the mere transactional nature of a purchase and inform the listener about every aspect of the production from the historic setting to the author’s motivation, the actors back stories and the historian’s viewpoint.  We are seeking to harness the positivity of the crowd funding ethos and build a dynamic and vibrant brand that all serious audio producers will wish to be associated with and listeners will increasingly gravitate towards due to the quality of the material and the value for money offered.  We will aim to captivate and inform thereby creating an exciting, successful and diverse enterprise.

We will continue to grow the content available on our platform through commissioning further audio dramas as well as collaborating with other independent producers, writers, acting schools and drama colleges.

Our brand derives its name from the village in Yorkshire which was the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil which took place on Palm Sunday in 1461 during what became known as the Wars of the Roses.  The battle features in the final episode of our Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims series which was adapted for audio by Greg Evans from Toby Clements marvellous book. 

Our logo is partially inspired by the Towton Cross also known as Lord Dacre’s Cross which is situated at the site of the battle some 14 miles southwest of York. 

Towton Audio ® is a brand of Towton Productions Limited www.towton-productions.com


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