About Towton Audio ®

Towton Audio ® is a new and unique listening platform for epic historic audio drama that launched on March 29th 2021 when we published the first 5 hours of our adaptation of the first book in Toby Clements series, ‘Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrim’s’, which was the first of many we will make available in this fast-growing market.  The original Kingmaker Series was incredibly well received with Hilary Mantel describing it as:

“An enthralling adventure story, honest and powerful. The Wars of the Roses are imagined here with energy, with ferocity, with hunger to engage the reader.”

Please refer to www.kingmakeraudio.com for even more details of our exciting adaptation by Greg Evans which was recorded in July of 2020 at the wonderfully atmospheric Leiston Abbey in Suffolk involving 27 actors playing 49 roles with 11 crew with music by Matthew Sheeran.  Fiona McAlpine directed.  

Our brand derives its name from the village in Yorkshire which was the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil which took place on Palm Sunday in 1461 during what became known as the Wars of the Roses and which features in the final episode of the first series which has been launched to coincide with the 560th anniversary of the Battle on March 29th 2021.

Our Towton Audio ® platform will offer producers of quality audio drama the opportunity to publish their work and receive payment on a pay per episode basis as opposed to relying upon miniscule ad revenue or subscription shares and is projected to grow exponentially. 

In addition we will be commissioning further audio dramas ourselves as well as collaborating with other independent producers, acting schools and drama colleges as well as academic institutions to create yet further quality content and promote young and diverse talent.

The aim, quite simply, is to create the fastest growing and fairest publishing platform for audio drama across all English speaking territories.  We will look to create a collaborative experience that benefits listeners and producers alike which will go beyond the mere transactional nature of a purchase and immerse the listener in every aspect of the production from the historic setting to the author’s motivation, the actors back stories and the historian’s viewpoint.  We will seek to harness the positivity of the crowd funding ethos and build a dynamic and vibrant brand that all serious audio producers will wish to be associated with and listeners will increasingly gravitate towards due to the quality of the material and the value for money offered.  We will both captivate and inform and in the process create a highly dynamic company.                 

Towton Audio ® is a brand of Towton Productions Limited www.towton-productions.com

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