Interviews From History – Nobel Women: Lise Meitner

Kimberley Lim, an accomplished broadcast journalist, interviews the eminent physicist Lise Meitner, exploring her life, discoveries and also the struggles she had to surmount.  
Lise was born in Vienna in 1878 where she began researching from the age of 8.  Her Jewish background led her to flee to Sweden in 1938 where she went onto prove Nuclear Fission by realising that the mass lost when atoms were bombarded with other sub-atomic particles was in fact being transformed into energy as Einstein’s equation E=mc2 predicted.

Lise went onto win numerous prestigious awards but never the Nobel Prize.

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Written by: Richard Hodder
Directed by: Laurel Parker
Produced by: John Paul Chapple
Language English
Release Date: 13 September 2021
Duration 40 minutes, 08 seconds
Encoding 44.1 kHz 256 Kbps CBR
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Interviews From History – Nobel Women

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