Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims (Ep. 4)

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It seems the fighting is over. Thomas and Katherine (still Kit) kick their heels in Marton Hall, home of Sir John and his company. Kit performs a difficult and dangerous operation to cure Sir John of a severe ailment. But the serpent in this Eden is Giles Riven. As part of a plan to defeat him, Thomas, Kit and a few others make a perilous winter journey into deepest Wales to find Lady Margaret Cornford. As the storm clouds of war gather again, Thomas, Kit and Margaret are pursued by Edmund Riven and his henchmen. Margaret dies of sickness and cold, Thomas and Katherine are cornered. Thomas declares his feelings for Katherine – as he prepares to kill her to prevent Edmund from taking her alive.

Contains strong language and violent scenes

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Dramatised by: Greg Evans
Produced by: Fiona McAlpine
Language English
Release Date: 29 March 2021
Duration 01 hour, 08 minutes, 34 seconds
Encoding 48 kHz 256 Kbps CBR
Filesize 125.51 Mb
4 of 5 in the series.
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