Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims (Ep. 3)

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The Lancastrian knights attacking Calais are ambushed by Sir John's archers, giving Thomas his first taste of combat. When Richard is struck by an arrow, Katherine (still disguised as Kit) removes it, saves his life, and discovers her gift for surgery. Thomas and Kit grow ever closer as Warwick's army fights its way into Kent and marches on London. In every battle, Thomas looks for Giles Riven, meaning to challenge and kill him. At last the armies of York and Lancaster meet near Northampton. The Lancastrians seem certain to win until one of their nobles defects and the Yorkists achieve a decisive victory. This double-cross was engineered by Giles Riven, back in favour and now on the same side as Thomas.

Contains strong language and violent scenes

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Dramatised by: Greg Evans
Produced by: Fiona McAlpine
Language English
Release Date: 29 March 2021
Duration 01 hour, 02 minutes, 28 seconds
Encoding 48 kHz 256 Kbps CBR
Filesize 114.34 Mb
3 of 5 in the series.
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