Whisky Wars Complete Series

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1927. Prohibition in the United States is having a profound impact on the Scotch whisky industry, having removed its main overseas market. Desperate to reverse dwindling sales, a group of whisky barons decide to send an emissary to the men who still control the importation and sales of alcohol in the US, even though these men operate illegally. Euan, the young, naïve son of the bombastic Roddy McCullen, is made ready to represent his heritage in America. Despite his impending wedding to Fiona Blair, and his distinctly luke-warm attitude to whisky, Euan realises this is his chance to prove himself.

Contains strong language and violent scenes
Only suitable for ages 15 upwards

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£ 11.90
Writer and Producer: John Paul Chapple
Director and Producer: Laurel Parker
Language English
Release Date: 26 July 2021
Duration 02 hours, 48 minutes, 01 second
Encoding 48 kHz 192 Kbps CBR
Filesize 307.82 Mb
5 of 5 in the series.
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Whisky Wars

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