What did you do in the War, Mama?

What Did You Do In the War, Mama? is set in 1917 at the height of World War One when the great powers of Europe are locked in a lethal conflict. Casualty numbers are enormous. There seems no way out of the stalemate. One evening, King George V and his advisors, including the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, Army Commander of the British forces, Douglas Haig and Munitions Minister, Winston Churchill, are poisoned at dinner. Seriously ill, the men can no longer work and it falls to the Queen Consort, Mary, to find a solution to this dangerous situation.  And the question then becomes – what would happen if women ruled the world?

Cast & Crew 

Madeline Smith plays Queen Mary
Judy Matheson plays Mrs Lloyd George
Maria Louis plays Margaret Ampthill
Charlie Clemmow plays Clementine Churchill
Olivia Chappell plays Lady Haig
Elizabeth Counsell plays The Kaiserin
James Sanderson plays the Brigadier
Alec Westwood plays George Barnes
Dan March plays the Major
Richard Hodder plays the General
Introduced by James Sanderson

Written by A D Cooper
Sound Design & music by Jason Read
Directed and Produced by Laurel Parker
Produced by John Paul Chapple

Release Date

Monday August 2nd 

How To Listen

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